Password Reset url token inside Welcome Email template (possible solution)

I saw the following to topics, and found a way you might be able to do what you want:

If you add a meta data flag while creating the profile. That holds the value if the user have been received welcome email.

Set this to false

Then instead of triggering the Welcome email, trigger the password reset email.

Then inside of the reset mail use the liquid syntax to add if statements to split between password reset mail and welcome mail:

Then at the end of your password reset, add a rule that sets the meta data flag set the meta data flag to true.

That way you can send the password reset link in the welcome email.

Sorry if this is out of topic. but I could not see a way to reopen the issues to add this as a suggestion for a solution.


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Thanks for posting this solution. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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