Password Reset Link?

I’m trying to set a link for a “Forgot Password” link on my page.

In the default Univeral Login => “login” template when I click the “Forgot Password?” link it takes me to the page:

However, when I try to create this myself it doesn’t work and for some reason redirects me back to the app:

document.getElementById('link-password-reset').href = config.authorizationServer.url + '/u/reset-password/request/Username-Password-Authentication?state=' + config.extraParams.state;

It’s literally the exact same link except for the state param value, but not sure what the issue is and why this wouldn’t work when I do a custom Login page?

Hi @websanova,

This is not currently supported with New Universal Login. Although we do have this feature request you can vote for.

If you are creating a custom login page, you can use the Auth0 API’s to create a custom password reset page. The process is documented here: Change Users' Passwords.

Hope that helps!

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