Passkeys in Auth0 by Okta

Hi developer community! We are excited to announce that passkeys will be available as an authentication method in the Okta Customer Identity Cloud as an Early Access feature for all customers on all plans.

Passkeys are discoverable FIDO credentials used for passwordless authentication and provide consumers with faster, easier, and more secure login experiences across all their devices.

How can passkeys help you?

With passkeys in the Okta Customer Identity Cloud, you can reduce login friction in minutes by allowing your customers to sign-up for and sign-in to their applications the same way they unlock their mobile devices. By eliminating the need to remember complex passwords, solve captchas, or deal with frustrating two-factor authentication (2FA) challenges, businesses can improve the user experience with phishing-resistant security that drives acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

The new feature comes as an addition to our existing platform capabilities that give businesses a complete solution for Customer Identity spanning all aspects of authentication, authorization, user management, and identity security.

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