Passkeys are Generally Available

Hello developer community!

We’re excited to share that passkeys are now Generally Available in the Okta Customer Identity Cloud to help businesses drive greater sign-up and sign-in conversion without compromising end-user security.

Passkeys are discoverable FIDO credentials used for passwordless authentication and provide consumers with faster, easier, and more secure login experiences across all their devices.

This release builds off our existing Early Access implementation but makes it easier for larger enterprises with a custom database to adopt passkeys and reduce their customer’s reliance on passwords. We’ve also improved the developer experience by expanding our SDK support.

How can passkeys help you?

While the security benefits of passkeys are exciting to those of us in the industry, consumers will appreciate their convenience. Looking at metrics such as time to sign-in, time to sign-up, and sign-in success rate, passkeys are objectively faster and easier to use than passwords.

  • The FIDO Alliance found that passkeys result in a 25% increase in sign-in success rate and a 75% reduction in time to sign-in when compared to passwords.
  • Our own internal testing found that passkeys were 83% faster for sign-in and 55% faster account creation when compared to passwords.
  • Data from Google shows that users have a 4x higher sign-in success rate with passkeys than passwords.

Ready to try out passkeys in your applications?

Here’s a walkthrough on how to implement passkeys.

Additional Resources

Read more about passkeys in this blog.

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If I turn on Passkey and disable username/password, what is my backup if I (as the administrator) loose my passkey (e.g. my windows machine crashes and I have to use a new machine…that does not have sync’ed passkeys)?

Is there an admin account backdoor that I can use to regain admin access to my auth0 tenant, in case I loose my setup passkey? For example, can I leave username/password on for my admin account for backup?

I am strugging to recover my passcode. My email address is

Ok sir
Try using the ‘Forgot Password’ feature or contact customer support for assistance with recovering your passcode." sso id