Passing params from loginWithRedirect to the new Universal Login


I have been searching for a solution to send some information over to the new universal login screen from my app. I’m using a React app that uses the @auth0/auth0-react hooks to login with redirect. I have tried passing values like so:

loginWithRedirect({ appState: { delegate: '' } })


loginWithRedirect({ delegate: ''  })

However, I’m not seeing delegate in the new universal config.

In my search, I have found many solutions for the classic universal login…just wondering if I’m doing it wrong or if it is a limitation of the new Universal Login.


Hi @justin7,

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What are you wanting to do with the param after it is sent?

Hey Dan,

I was looking for a way to assign a user to a specific role during sign up. Opposed to using a hardcoded email pulled from my DB, I was thinking about just passing a delegate flag to the loginWithRedirect function call that would identify that the person creating an account should have administrative rights.

Does that make sense?

I’m not sure I completely understand. Wouldn’t any user be able to spoof a request from your app with the params and get admin privileges? Where are you keeping your list of admin?

Doing this via an API call or list in a rule would probably be more advisable. Are you assigning them a role in auth0? Like using the auth0 roles features?