Passing custom data from app logging in to rules

Hi all,

I"m trying to work out if there is a way to pass some arbitrary data to Rule during an SSO log in event.

In particular I’d like to pass an additional one off token to help validate some information about the state of the application in during login and ensure that the user is eligible to log in via SSO.

Does anyone know of a way to pass something that can then be picked up by the Rule code?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @kleeut,

You should be able to access the querystring of the request in a rule via the context.request.query object. What library are you using?

Thanks @dan.woda.

I’m using the SPA SDK. We have found that we are able to add to the query string by passing extra parameters to the login with popup option. I’m still building my POC to for silent authentication but I’m assuming the same thing will work there.

We will be looking to document this as a pattern that will be reused across teams and possibly frameworks, even languages. Understanding that additional query parameters passed are available to the rules is very helpful. Thanks again.

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Let me know if you run into any issue implementing it and we can troubleshoot.


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