Adding extra parameter in Authorization code flow

I want to create new session in application whenever user logs into app. I am envisioning to call createSession api call from Auth0 rule. But problem is that this api need one extra parameter from client app. So my question is , is there any provision client app send this extra parameter into login process of Auth0 and if there is any way I can access this parameter in Auth0 rule from context parameter.

Hey @gajanan.kulkarni.19 , Welcome to the Auth0 community!

Have you tried adding extra params in the /authorize query initiated by the application?
CHeck out this community post as well:



yup it worked. Thanks.

Is there any way I can implement same thing in C# desktop app.

@gajanan.kulkarni.19, Are you using any Auth0 SDK for the C# desktop app? Might need to explore this direction.

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