Page background color ignored using custom domain

When using the default domain, my sign in page uses the page background color I specified in the universal login page of the console.

but after switching to a custom domain, now the page color (and I tried page background image) are both completely ignored, and the page background color is always black, which is not very desirable.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? This seems like an Auth0 bug since just changing from the default domain to the aliased custom domain causes it.


I found that we were using this code for our universal login:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        {%- auth0:head -%}
    <body class="_widget-auto-layout">{%- auth0:widget -%}</body>

and while that didn’t cause any issues when using the default domain, it caused the coloring issue when using the custom domain. It was being used at one point because we added to it to make the widgets center properly, but once I deleted the above, then my coloring issue was resolved - and I don’t see any issues with widgets centering either.