Outdated Python Github documentation

Anybody would know where to find a working python example? The one from Github is outdated.


from auth0.authentication import Database

database = Database('my-domain.us.auth0.com', 'my-client-id')

database.signup(email='user@domain.com', password='secr3t', connection='Username-Password-Authentication')

It should be:

from auth0.v3.authentication import Database

database = Database('my-domain.us.auth0.com')

database.signup(email='user@domain.com', password='secr3t', connection='Username-Password-Authentication', client_id ='client_id')

I just started and it’s been a frustrating experience so far with Auth0

Hey there!

I think that’s a very needed and valuable feedback for the team behind this SDK. Can you raise it there in a form of GitHub issue and also share a link to it here? Thank you!

No problem, here’s the GitHub issue

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Thanks a lot for that will ping them in a few minutes!

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