Our customer is using Oracle Access Manager as their IdP, how can I integrate their users with Auth0?

I’ve set up a SAML enterprise connection on Auth0 dashboard and provided the metadata link for my SAML connection to the admin of the Oracle Access manager.


He has used the metadata link to setup the connection. Now, with a test user, it seems that the authentication works but the user is missing the critical information such as the email address. How can I fix this?

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In the Oracle Access manager configuration there is a screen to configure the attributes sent in the SAML response (see the screenshot below). Once this configuration is completed, in the SAML response from Oracle, attributes will be available inside saml:AttributeStatement section, which Auth0 can map the claims.

For the above example configuration, on the Auth0 side, you will need to add the following mapping. Notice that IdP is sending the email with a claim named as mail.

  "email": "mail"
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Thanks a lot Saltuk for sharing those!

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