Organization + Reset password + Auth0 migration db

Hi All,

I’m currently facing an issue (which i think is a bug).

I currently have this situation:

  • i have one tenant configured with 1 application configured to use organizations feature.
  • i have one organization with a specific auth0 db linked (with auto membership enabled for that db)
  • this db is has the flag “Import Users to Auth0” enabled, so i have my 2 “Database Action Scripts” implemented.

When log in with a user all is fine. My user got imported “on the fly” if its password is correct.

Problem comes when trying to reset the password of a user that is not yet imported.

What is see:

  • user request a password from the auth0 universal login
  • my action script “Get User” is called normally (as my user is existing in my legacy db, it returns its information)
  • user got a normal message saying “Check your email”
  • but it fails when i check my auth0 monitoring logs saying “User does not exist or user is not part of organization”

So i guess that organization is not supporting auto import db ? Can someone confirm and propose a solution ?

Here is the log i see:

“date”: “2021-05-14T08:38:31.891Z”,
“type”: “fcpr”,
“description”: “User does not exist or user is not part of organization”,
“connection”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“connection_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“client_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“client_name”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“ip”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“user_agent”: “Chrome 90.0.4430 / Mac OS X 10.15.7",
“details”: {
“email”: “simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“idp_user_id”: “60xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“user_id”: “”
“user_id”: “”,
“user_name”: “”,
“organization_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“organization_name”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“log_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“isMobile”: false

ps: we have a Startup plan, is there another support medium, as this one is very slow…

Hi @simon_qollabi,

Thanks for your feedback, this issue should be resolved for our public cloud customers now. Organization membership validation is relaxed in scenarios where an Organization’s enabled_connection has auto-membership enabled, and the connection is a custom database connection with import mode ON.