Organization information in logout event

I would like to connect Auth0 event stream, to process login and logout information for different organizations.
In the login events I can see the organization name and organization ID to which the user logged in.
However, in the logout event, I can only see the user information, but no organization information is found in the event.
Is it possible to somehow add the organization name and id to the logout events?

Hi there @sharonNa ,

After quickly researching it, I don’t see an option to add the organization_id or organization_name to the logout event such as the login event does.

However, the Success Logout event can be linked with the Successful login event via the unique for the user session session_id value.

Knowing the session_id of the logout event, we can search for the organization id/name in the relevant login event.

So this involves a bit of data analysis, but hope it still helps you monitor the logout context :slight_smile: