Am I misunderstanding Just In Time Organization Membership?

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I am writing some custom Action logic for our Login/Post Login workflow. I was hoping to be able to use event.organization for this logic to store certain metadata in various organizations that we can cross reference against our system for some additional bounds checking.

At present, event.organization is undefined. After looking around at various other questions asked by folks in the Auth0 Community, such as this one, I understand why this is. Unfortunately, the two commonly referenced solutions here (The universal login “organization” prompt or manually providing the org_id ahead of time) won’t suite our implementation requirements, or would require some serious refactoring, so I’m looking for alternatives with the hope we won’t have to revisit our approach.

I stumbled upon this document while doing some more general research on Organizations, and the way I understand this is that we can use various connections to govern which organization a user correlates to, which seems like it’s a workable solution for our needs. However, after going through and setting this up, event.organization is still undefined.

Am I misunderstanding the intended use for Just in Time Organization Membership? Perhaps I have it misconfigured, or maybe it’s supposed to be used in conjunction with one of the other options? I saw mention of certain Organization features being disabled for development Auth0 tenants, could it be that?

Any and all additional details or advice would help!

Thanks for reading!