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On Guardian hosted page , how can i print {{userData}} object




I am on guardian hosted page and I can see we get

{{ userData.tenant }}

and I can also get {{ }} . But I want to see all values that this {{ userData}} has. I tried {{ userData | json }} but it did not work.

I am sending some additional metadata from rule “Multifactor-Guardian-Do-Not-Rename”

user.email_mfa = ‘test’;
callback(null, user, context);


Hey there @npatel!

Here’s the list of liquid syntax variables you can use in Guardian Hosted Page:

When it comes to userData object there are:

  • userData.friendlyUserId
  • userData.tenant
  • userData.tenantFriendlyName

Let me know if that helps!


Is there a way to send other user metadata?


Unfortunately when it comes rendering userData info on your Guardian Hosted Page only the parameters I mentioned above are available to assist in rendering your page.


ok, I was hoping to do something with their country and language. but never mind.


Sure. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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