Okta enterprise connection: 400 bad request redirect_uri set incorrectly

I’m trying to set up enterprise connection with Okta through our Auth0 tenant. I’ve set up Okta as per directions here: Connect Your Auth0 Application with Okta Workforce Enterprise Connection and am able to receive a “It Works!” message and a new user created with the okta connection when I click “Try” through the auth0 enterprise connections dashboard.

I’ve set it up so that users have the option to sign in with Okta using a button in the login flow. However, when I click the button while testing our webapp on localhost, I get the Okta 400 Bad Request error message with the details:

  • Your request resulted in an error. The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be a Login redirect URI in the client app settings:

The error message is straightforward, redirect_uri must be set incorrectly. However, I’ve tried every possible redirect_uri I can think of. The one Auth0 recommends to use is:


I’ve tried adding a wildcard at the end as well. I’ve also tried using the redirect_uri shown in the url below, which is the url of the Okta 400 bad request error message page. I’ve also tried using simply http://localhost:8000/ which is the port we’re using for localhost.


I’m beginning to think this is an Auth0 issue not an Okta issue but any suggestions here? Are there any extra configurations I have to do at the routing level to ensure the correct redirect_uri is being hit?

Hi @dhsong,

I understand you are having issues setting up an Okta connection. I have set up an Okta connection and can confirm it is working properly.

Are you using a custom domain?

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