Redirect Uri is not working on IDP inititiated SSO

I am using SPA as my application type and created an enterprise connection which is using the SAML and using Okta as our IDP. I have enabled the Accept Request on the IDP-initiated SSO and use OpenId connect as response protocol. I even added redirect_uri and response_type token id_token on the query which is listed on the allow callback on my application in auth0. Please see attach image.

I was successfully logged in on the okta idp but it returns to the login page of my application(spa) instead of redirecting to localhost:4200/authorize/callback.

By the way this is only occuring when using the Display Organization Prompt.
Is there something I need to configure for this to solve the issue?

Thank you.

Hi @jearson,

I replied to your DM, please see my initial response there.

Thanks. Sent you a message.

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