Okta apps validation

I have 3 okta apps setup.

  1. Okta app for backend
  2. Okta spa app
  3. Okta web app

The Okta spa app is able to use the access token it got and pass to Okta app for backend and the token is validated. However, the Okta web app access token when passed to Okta app for backend, could not be validated, thus token is not valid.

Anyone know the proper setup for the Okta web app so where its access token can be validated against the Okta app for backend?

Hi @infobrother4

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I’ve tried to check your tenant configuration and I couldn’t find it. Are you using Auth0 or Okta? If you are Okta customer I would encourage you to pass this question to the dedicated Okta Community Forum → Okta Help Center (Lightning) or Okta Developer Community https://devforum.okta.com/


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