Client credentials flow, remote validation


I am building an API, which is exclusively M2M - it never has any humans using it - so am using the client credentials flow.

My client retrieves the access_token, and can include it as a bearer to my API application.

I am hoping to use remote validation, rather than validating the token in my application. According to their documentation, Okta supports this with the token introspection endpoint. It returns “active”.

Is such a thing available with Auth0?
I was following documentation describing how to set this up with Okta, and the Okta website pushed me towards Auth0, so I get the impression Auth0 is going to replace Okta?

Hi @nward

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Auth0 doesn’t provide an introspection endpoint.

Auth0 and Okta cover different use cases, and although there is overlap, neither one will be replaced in the foreseeable future.

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