Okta access token is not exposed in user.identities

I want to use enterprise authentication configured with okta. However for this specific configuration auth0 doesn’t return okta access_token. I can see in monitoring->logs that exchange for access token was successful, and the auth0 user got created, however when calling for users/:id on m2m application with connection that has enabled grand types (read:users, read:user_idp:token) I am still unable to obtain okta access token in user.identities

I removed okta configuration, and added google-apps and the google token is seen in the identities. What is going wrong with oidc for okta that there is no token? Why is it working for google-apps but not for okta?

I am able to receive the access token when bypassing auth0 and doing plain curl request to okta oauth server. I am pretty sure that auth0 received that access token as well, as the exchange log says it was successfull. I also notice on the user profile some decoded values from the token itself. However I need the raw access token to call 3rd party api with it. How can I achieve it not giving up on the auth0.