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OIDC Login with Auth0 Tenant: User ID is Undefined



Updated version/duplicate of OIDC Provider User ID is undefined, which I can’t close or edit for some reason.

I’m trying to setup OIDC-Conformant logins with an external Auth0 tenant according to these directions. I can login, but the authenticated User’s user_id is always undefined. In my Auth0 account, the user’s ID shows up as auth0|external-tenant-connection|undefined. How do I ensure that the user_id from the OIDC Provider Tenant is present?

This is the connection I setup in the Relying Party:

    "id": "con_<REDACTED>",
    "options": {
      "client_id": "<REDACTED>",
      "client_secret": "<REDACTED>",
      "domain": "",
      "scope": "openid profile email sub"
    "strategy": "auth0-oidc",
    "name": "external-tenant-connection",
    "is_domain_connection": false,
    "enabled_clients": [
    "realms": [

And this is the direct link I use to authenticate: id_token&scope=open_id profile&redirect_uri=http://localhost:9091/login&connection=external-tenant-connection&nonce=NONCE


When can we expect a response to this to acknowledge you’ve seen this question? Official guidance says 2 days for a ticket from a standard support plan (we’re at 7 days).



Did you ever get a response to this? I’m trying to work through the same process.