OIDC - ITP issues with Safari

We have an issue with apple’s ITP(Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1 | WebKit) on safari both desktop and mobile.

we are using the “regular web application” flow with an specific connection (danish nemid via criipto) on our login page where we iframe the auth0/nemid login window.

this works fine in firefox and chrome but in safari when a user have entered their credentials auth0 returns with an sad face because ITP has kicked in and prevented almbrand.eu.auth0.com and nemid.dk from sharing cookies/state

The above problem seems to be solved by enabling Custom Domains (OIDC - ITP issues with Safari w/ Custom Domains)
The Custom Domain feature is part of the enterprise package, but hat is not currently available for us.
Is there any other way to enable this feature without enterprise support?

Hey there @abkias!

Let me confirm that with appropriate team and get back to you!

Hey again!

I checked our pricing website:

and it seems that Custom Domains are available starting at developer tier so developer, developer pro and enterprise.

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