Custom Domain documentation improvements

We’re trying to use Custom Domain to prevent Safari ITP issues.

The documentation has a typo (extra “to”),

you can have your users to see, use, and remain on

but more confusingly, it doesn’t seem to “flow” logically - the landing doc page for Custom Domains doesn’t explain how to set one up. It goes from “We recommend that you use custom domains with Universal Login for the most seamless and secure experience for your users. See Universal Login to determine if your use case requires custom domains.” straight to technical details - Token issuance.

Before Token issuuance, it seems a more logical section would be “How to set up custom domains”. From what I see farther ahead in the docs, there are two options for this, depending on how the certificates are obtained? That would be good info to put in that Howto set up section.

Another issue:

We have our custom domain showing a status of Ready under Tenant Settings -> Custom Domains, and want to use it for the Universal login interstitial. That page reads,

If you use the default login page without customization, you do not need to make any changes.

We do use the default, uncustomized New Universal Login experience, but Auth0 still serves it from The Universal Login page of the Dashboard reads,

The universal login page will be served by default at . You can use your own domain by configuring it in Custom Domains.

The custom domain is already configured in Custom Domains.

Turned out that which domain Auth0 served the Universal Login page on was determined by the .login() from Auth0.js, so its AUTH0_DOMAIN setting needed to be changed. Maybe worth a mention about that somewhere?

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Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate this kind of constructive info. I passed this info along to our docs team.

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