Oauth2 client secret, each account require a new application?

Want to allow multiple trusted external organizations to use oauth2 client secret access with auth0 authentication. Does each organization require creating a separate application to configure client ID/client Secret for that application (which we then link to the related API)?

Is there a more correct / better way to configure 10-20 external entities than creating an application for each?

It seems to me like a similar question: how can I let 20 admins to perform some duties? Do I share a service account credentials or create 20 accounts for each one of them?

I am trying to find out if there is a better way than 20 applications to generate 20 different oauth2 client secret auth pairs, more similar to users that are not a separate application.

I am in no way considering sharing Dane credentials with different users.

I gave this analogy to indicate that it’s either way of the 2 described. I think there is no way out except than having 20 different apps created

Perfect thanks for clarifying. Will go forward with app per client then.