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OAUTH Token request/response not sending scopes

Last night I was adding some items to my api so I wanted to add new scopes. I noticed those scopes were not being returned when I was making my oauth request. So I decided it would be a good idea to remove those new scopes and old scopes and just refactor all my scopes to better match the API. Now I don’t have any scopes returned at all. I am doing all my testing with postman right now. So there isn’t anything too complicated. I am also receiving my token and other attributes fine. Just no scopes!


Update: After creating a new API setup and Client Application Access. It’s scopes also did not return on the OAUTH request. I feel there is something wrong. Perhaps with caching. The old API with existing scopes are returning fine. You can add new ones but they do not come back in the requests. @konrad.sopala any ideas?


Is there any RBAC enabled?
What’s the request look like, and what’s the token returned (as decoded)?

If possible, could you share a HAR file? Remember to redact the password, client ID/secret and other sensitive informations.