Number of times you can resend code in MFA

While using the new Universal Login for Phone message MFA, I get this option to resend the code. I want to know what are the limits of resending the OTP by default and is it configurable by any chance?

Also, in the new Universal Login page for Phone Message MFA, I am not seeing the “Remember this browser for 30 days” checkbox like it used to be before. How to I enable that?


Auth0 limits a single user to send up to 10 SMS or voice messages per hour. (The burst rate is 10 but only 1 voice message per hour will be sent for new requests.)

I’m not sure if there is a way to configure this.

I’m not sure about the Remember Browser prompt. I want to say that’s it’s own step instead of a checkbox, but I primarily use OTP instead of SMS - not sure if that plays into it.