"Number of seats" user control access

Hi guys,

This might be a little far fetched, but I just wanted to turn over this use case with you guys before continue working in the wrong direction.

I have a use case where the client want to be able to let their customers control access to the application on a “numbers of seats” level. Think of it like this; their customers buys a subscription with a five seat access, now they should be able to add five different users that will have access to the application. It should be up to them to change the users of these five seats, but no more then five will have actively access to the application.

The solution I have come up with (and the one I just want to sanity check with you guys), is that I somehow need to build this through the Management API v2, enriching my user profiles in Auth0 with two properties indicating their organization relationship and if they currently have an active seat. How does this sound to you?

Is there something Auth0 offers, that I’m missing?

All feedback is appreciated and please let me know if you need any further details.

–– K

Sounds like you are on the right path. Licensed users would have a property under app_metadata, something like:

  "app_metadata": {
    "my_application": {
      "licensed": true

You need to provide an interface for managing this property.

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