Number of actions on free plan - per tenant or overall?

The pricing page shows that there are 3 actions for the free plan. I just want to confirm if that’s total per account, or number of actions per tenant?

Hi @heather,

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The maximum number of Actions is enforced per tenant.

If an Account has a paid subscription plan then the tenant will be subjected to the plan’s maximum number of Actions. For example, the Essential plan offers 5 maximum Actions instead of 3 with the free plan.

Lastly, if the tenant has a paid subscription plan of more than $167 a month, they are eligible for a child-tenant of the same features. Meaning that the new child tenant can also have up to 5 maximum Actions. Our Request Child Tenants explains more about the child tenant eligibility.

Hoped this answers your questions!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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