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NULL RefreshToken When Passing Audience as an Extra Parameter


Hello Auth0 Community,

Looking for help on how to get a RefreshToken when specifying an Audience for my API call.

This is how I setup my Auth0Client in a Xamarin.DROID Project:
IAuth0Client _auth0Client =
_auth0Client = new Auth0Client(new Auth0ClientOptions
Domain = AuthenticationConfig.Domain,
ClientId = AuthenticationConfig.ClientId,
Scope = “openid offline_access profile email”

This is how I specify extra parameters for the LoginAsync() call:
var options = new { audience = “https://api.<>.com/the-app”, responseType = “token id_token”, scope = “openid offline_access profile email”, accessType = “offline”, approvalPrompt = “force” };

var loginResult = await _auth0Client.LoginAsync(options);

Unfortunately, the LoginResult’s RefreshToken is NULL. Is there any way to receive a RefreshToken in the LoginResult?


Appreciate any help.