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Calling RefreshTokenAsync() returns null refresh token


  • Auth0.OidcClient.Core, Auth0.OidcClient.iOS, Auth0.OidcClient.Android (v3.1.2 for all)
  • Xamarin Forms app
  • Auth0Client is encapsulated in a service in my iOS and Android projects
  • Calling LoginAsync() returns a refresh token successfully each time.
  • Calling RefreshTokenAsync() does not return a new refresh token, and only returns null for that property.

Is that the expected behavior?? Is calling RefreshTokenAsync() not supposed to return a new refresh token? Am I supposed to continue using the same refresh token?

Login result:

Refresh token result:

Hi @jsauve, yes, you are supposed to continue using the same refresh token. At the moment Auth0 only supports non-expiring refresh tokens. They can be revoked, though:

The null value in the result is due to the RefreshTokenResult class having a RefreshToken attribute which is not populated since Auth0’s response does not have a matching attribute.

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Perfect. Thank you. I did some testing and came to this conclusion myself, but I very much appreciate your response.

Glad we know where we are now!

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