NPM Libraries in Hooks


Are repository issues here monitored at all? We’re submitting requests since quite some time but they’re never really being responded to.

On another note, is it possible to import/include a library dynamically inside a hook; so really downloading it on the fly?

Thank you!

Hey there @calqulate!

Reaching out to the responsible team to find out more about it. Will get back to you soon!

In terms of adding NPM modules to Hooks, here’s the thread you may find useful:

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I see, thank you @konrad.sopala – I guess the reason why it doesn’t work sometimes is that I use continuous integration to deploy using a0deploy and my tenant.yml file. Is there any way to use a0deploy to provision npm modules to my tenant beforehand so deployment would not fail?

I’ve got a response from the team that they missed a bit with keeping up with the issues and PRs submitted BUT they’re preparing a release this week that will include all of those outstanding package request issues so stay tuned!

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