Now by Zeit + Gatsby + Auth0

Hi there 🙋

Is there any example using the serverless Now API with Auth0? I know about the @auth0/nextjs-auth0 package, but I don’t want to use Next.js…

Thank you!

Hey there @MontoyaAndres!

Unfortunately we don’t have such content for now. The only quickstart we have for Zeit is the one with nextjs. I would highly encourage you to file it in as a feature request for our product team. You can use our product feedback form for that. Make sure to add as much context as possible. Here it is:


Sent :grin:, it takes a long time?

Not sure at all about appropriate team bandwidth but one of our product managers should reach out back to you within 10 business days to provide you with their view on the thing you ask for.

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Thank you! Is there any example about what I’m asking but with other platform, like aws or azure serverless?

There are a few Auth0 and non-Auth0 ones, for example:

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Hey! Do you know if the Auth0 team checked the feedback I sent, and are they doing something with it?

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have such information. You will be contacted by one of our product managers within 10 days of placing such feedback.

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