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Not retrieving the user profile


I am not retrieving the user profile in the auth0 ios app how to get the data in userInfo

email : nil
emailverified : nil

how to retrieve that email into userInfo

can any body help me out?


Hey there!

Before I dig in deeper into it. Could you let me know if you’ve followed the steps described in the API explorer go get info from this endpoint? Here’s the exact reference to this doc:


Hi ,
i have checked in postman i have signed up with google auth0 and i am getting only some userInfo only i am not getting email, email_verified. Even if i had signed up with auth0 i am getting only a few userInfo details i am not retrieving email and email_verified. I want to retrieve all the userInfo RAW JSON. Please help me out.


You should be getting a JSON response following this one:

Have you tried checking Postman when doing login with different authentication than Google?


ya i have checked in postman i have signed up Auth0 and i am getting the same response and i am not retrieving the email and email_verified if i am doing the custom signup through Auth0.

I had downloaded the sample of User Session and i had run the project without making any changes in the project and i had set the call back URL’s perfectly, but i am not getting the email and email_verified of the user.


Gotchya! Let me discuss it internally and find out what might be the reasoning behind such behaviour!


In “profile.userInfo” only some of the parameters are showing and remaining are showing as nil value but in Auth0 --> users --> Raw Json every value is coming but in profile.userInfo only some parameters are only showing. i want to get all the userInfo present in the Raw json.

You can see the debugging point int my screenshot. I want ever value present in the raw json of the userInfo in my callbackURL


Hey @vardhanharsha99!

Can you check one more thing? Have you added profile email in the scope?


Thank you sir,
I had changed my scope to “openid offline_access profile email” i.e
.scope(“openid offline_access profile email”). So i am getting every details of the user especially email and email_verified in the userInfo. Thanks a lot
Even if i am signup with Auth0 or Google i am getting the correct data in userInfo callback url. Thank you.


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Perfect! Glad you were finally able to make it!

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