Not able to see any devices after user logs in to his account

Hi i am facing an issue in getting the user devices under the Dashboard>>users>>devices tab

Here are the steps i am fallowing

  • i created an app in application sections

  • i used an quick-starter (php) to test my app and now i was able to login with my users on this app

  • On loggin in with one the user account

  • then going back to Auth0 Dashboard. I can see the user have successfully logged in to his account

  • But going to Dashboard>>users>>devices tab i can see 0 devices linked to his account

i guess an chrome browser should be added their as i logged in from an browser. Please let me know where am i doing it wrong.

thanks | @imran

Hey @morning-voice-1877, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you logging in with scope as “offline_access” as well to get the exchange the refresh token from the authorization server? Login details for the user are associated with the Refresh Token assigned to that device. If you exchange the refresh token you should see the device details


Thanks @sidharth.chaudhary

that worked like a charm !
Thanks again !

Have a good day | @imran


Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


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