Link users devices once login

We are using authentication api to authenticate users using social logins. Once the users logs in we want to link device to that particular user. I think that should be the default behaviour once users logs in. But in devices tab, the device list is empty. Is there any way that we can manually link device to user after login.

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Rahul Bharati

Hi @rahul.b and welcome to the Auth0 Community!!

First can you confirm you’re performing a Device Authorization Flow, and are you using Auth0 Dev Keys for the social logins? If so you may have run into some of the current limitations around that flow.

I’m not sure of a manual way to link the device for a given user, however you could force the user to reauthorize the device by manually unlinking them which could then correctly set the device to the user.

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Hi @colin.coutts,
I’m not performing Device Authorization Flow, and I’m using Auth0 dev keys for social logins. Our use case is simple, We want user to login using our app, once logged in, users device should be registered and all the devices user used to log into our app should be listed in devices tab.

Hi @rahul.b

Would you mind providing me the documentation you’re reviewing related to getting user devices? To my knowledge a normal user profile will not return the end users device, when authenticating through a standard authentication protocol. However happy to review your materials, as I may be missing something in my understanding.


This is surprising to me too. We logged in a user using the resource owner password flow described at

The user has an access and refresh token, but we can’t revoke the tokens from the management dashboard.

Is there no list of “active” / unrevoked access and refresh tokens? This is what I expected in the auth0 user management UI