Not able to fetch the roles in the user data for authorization extension

I am trying to add the roles into my access token using the rules as below using authorization extension.

user { _id: '<>', email_verified: false, email: '', clientID: '<>', updated_at: '2018-10-03T06:47:05.315Z', name: 'hellocharles@<>.com', picture: '', user_id: 'auth0|<>', nickname: 'hellocharles', identities: [ { user_id: '<>', provider: 'auth0', connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication', isSocial: false } ], created_at: '2018-10-03T06:45:13.254Z', global_client_id: 'f50OGK7W6Pr3zcq5euHmBhzQh7M78Y7M', persistent: {}, groups: [ 'Developer' ], roles: [], permissions: [] }

I am able to get the roles and permission. I was only able to get the groups. Can someone quickly help on this.


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