Not able to be redirected to login page on brand new Rails 7 application

Please include the following information in your post:

  • Which SDK this is regarding: omniauth-auth0
  • SDK Version: 3.0.0
  • Platform Version: Ruby 3.1.2 and Rails 7.0

I have followed the official guide here to setup Auth0 on a completely new project with Rails 7.

I have the following button

<%= button_to 'Login', '/auth/auth0', method: :post %>

When I click login, I see the page load for second but nothing happens, this is all that is logged.

INFO -- : Started POST "/auth/auth0" for ::1 at 2022-05-27 10:16:41 +1200
DEBUG -- omniauth: (auth0) Request phase initiated.

I have the same issue whether running on my machine or in docker, I had recently followed the same article to add Auth0 to an existing Rails 6 application without any trouble.

It seems logout works fine as I get this in the logs

INFO -- : Started GET "/auth/logout" for ::1 at 2022-05-27 10:48:29 +1200
INFO -- : Processing by Auth0Controller#logout as HTML
INFO -- : Redirected to *redacted_auth0_logout_address*
INFO -- : Completed 302 Found in 1ms (Allocations: 509)

I tried changing the auth0 credentials and address to see if this made any difference (purposefully making them incorrect) but this doesn’t make a difference as it doesn’t seem I am getting that far to be redirected to Auth0.

I checked the FAQ here but it didn’t help as I am not getting any errors.

Is there any extra debugging information I can enable?

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I have the same problem with Rails 7. The login button doesn’t work. However if I duplicate the button it does work sometimes. I believe it’s something to do with the turbo library, but don’t have a solution yet

Disable turbo <%= button_to 'Login', '/auth/auth0', 'data-turbo': 'false' ,method: :post %>

Facing Same Issue here did you find any solution?

It works with their project (repo mentioned in quick start guid for rails) correctly, but it doesn’t work in my project.