Not able to access Custom API's

  • I have my management API which is there by default.

Now if i want to access the management API all i have to do is send an following HTTP request (imran121 is tenant), For example i can send /api/v2/users to access user details and /api/v2/roles/ to see the roles details

  • Now I have create an custom api in my account with as an identifier.

  • and i am able to get the Access token by sending this http request to my tenant

  • But how am i supposed to access endpoints like /roles and /users through my cutom api(after adding view:user and view:roles permission to the api)

am i missing anything.

Hi @morning-voice-1877

The management API is hosted by Auth0. Who is hosting the custom API and what technology stack is it using?


Hi @john.gateley

Looks like i already solved it.

My goal was to create an API with custom permission, Look like i can create an new APP and allows it to use management API with custom scope.

Thanks | imran

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Perfect! Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!