"No connections enabled for the client" error

Problem statement

I’ve set up an Enterprise connection which is working as expected on its own when using the Try button. However, when I use it on my site I get an infinite redirect loop and receive an error: "description": "no connections enabled for the client"


  • Using the Identifier + Password as the Authentication Profile(Dashboard → Authentication → Authentication Profile)
  • Enterprise connection configured to not display the connection as a button.


We do not currently support using Identifier + Password with an Enterprise connection combination because we need to redirect the user to the IdP to log in. Since we cannot capture the user’s credentials in our form, there are two options:

  1. You can use the Display connection as a button option, which is under the Login experience section in your Enterprise connection settings. This way, users would need to click on a button to get redirected.

  2. You can use Identifier First as Authentication Profile, which leverages Home Realm Discovery.

You can read more information about this topic here: