No access to a Auth0 forum post

I’m trying to get access to this post, but I’m told I’ve got no access to it.

I’m trying to access it b/c it was mentioned in this post to solve the facebook redirect issue.

Hey there @codeinaire!

Not sure why you’re not able to access it. Let me copy paste that here for your convenience.

There are a few common things to check for this type of issue:

  • Facebook AppID and Secret are configured in Auth0 connections.
  • The logout url has an encoded redirectTo parameter.
    access_token (obtained from profile.identities[0].accessToken) is also added as a query string parameter.
  • The users Auth0 domain has been added to the Facebook application setting Valid OAuth redirect URIs.
  • When setting up their Facebook application, if a user chooses to skip choosing a platform and chooses the basic setup, their application will not have a Site URL. If this is the case, they must click ‘add platform’, choose their platform (website), and add their Auth0 domain as the Site URL. Without this, the sign-off will not work, and the redirect back to their application will also not work.
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