New user goes automatically to login

Our regular flow is like this:

Go to login page
   → write email
   → write password
Go to registration page
   → write email
   → email exists?
    yes → go to password section of login page
    no → create a password

But one specific user trying to register is brought straight to login, as though the email already exists already, although it is not listed under[ORG]/users. This does not work, of course, as the password they choose belongs to no existing account.

I’m not very familiar with auth0 and not the one who set up the system. Do you have an idea what the issue is?

Hi @jorgen.fulsebakke

This is not an “out-of-the-box” Auth0 flow (and it is a flow that leaks information - whether an account exists).

So you’ll have to dive in to the code on your side. It may be a cookie, perhaps a session cookie or something similar, that is getting set.