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Auto Login - After Password Reset OR Email Verification




We currently have several registration & reset password flows that prior to Auth0 once a user verified their email or reset their password we would simply auto login (without them re-entering their credentials. As a side note: We’re currently leveraging your signup API for most of our users that register on our existing website so we can maintain a consistent experience on our website.

We also have a batch API that our channel partners bulk register users with. As we don’t have the user’s password we force a reset password flow for these users (for reset password we’re using the Auth0 hosted widget).

We’re trying to avoid users needing to re-authenticate after something like password reset or email verification on registration. Are there any approaches you can recommend. I can share a link to a sequence diagram if that’s helpful.



Bumping this as I’m looking to something similar


Bumping this as I’m looking to something similar


Bump. How would one handle an auto login after verifying the e-mail in auth0’s universal login?