Can a user automatically authenticate after password reset?

We want to invite users to fill out details in our system as painlessly as possible.

I am thinking to create auth0 users and email them to complete sign-up. I read though documentation here and it looks like there is an extra step for the user.

First they must set their password. Next they need to authenticate.

We know the user is who they say when they set the password because they followed the link in the email. Is there some way we could just authenticate them automatically? ie. they set their password and we programmatically authenticate them without them having to type it again?

If it makes any difference we use withAuthenticationRequired from auth0-react

Hey there @adam.butler welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to carry out an automatic login following password reset currently but they can be redirected straight to it if you aren’t already doing that. The following thread goes into this in a bit more detail:

I did a quick search in our feedback section and was surprised to not see anything related to this - It might be worth adding it yourself if you’ve got a minute! Our product team monitors these pretty closely for community engagement.

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