New Universal Login Experience customization

I’m looking to use a “Customized Login Page” so I’m able to add a script to the page (Google Analytics). I was hoping that when I swapped to the custom login page code, that the preview would reflect the new experience by default and I could customize from there because that is the look and feel that I would like for the login page.

Is it possible to get the code used for the “New Login Experience” so I’m able to insert that into the custom login page code?

Or if there is a way that I can add a Google Analytics script tag to the New Login Experience page through our custom domain.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we no longer maintain our docs regarding adding Google Analytics to UL. We’ve used to have it but unfortunately it’s not available anymore. If you figure out a way to handle that it will be super valuable for the rest of community to share it. Thank you!

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