New Universal Login : add connectionScopes field

Hello everyone !

I was using Classic Universal Login page, with the following configuration (custom Login page):

var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, {
auth: {
connectionScopes: { linkedin: [‘w_member_social’] },

With the new Universal Login, how can I add the connectionScopes field?

Thanks a lot !


Hi there, no idea ?
I’d want to use Universal Login page, but with the connectionScopes I used to have on the classic login page…
Thank you very much

The connectionScopes parameter (I assume it’s for the scopes you need to talk to the LinkedIn API) should go into the authorize request that is triggered from your client application. You shouldn’t need to add this to the ULP, especially since you cannot edit any code with the New ULP.

Are you using the auth0.js or the newer auth0-spa-js ?

This is an example I used for the Google Calendar API and auth0.js:

    connection_scope: '',
    accessType: 'offline'

which in your case should look like this (untested) for the LinkedIn Share API:

    connection_scope: 'w_member_social'

according to the LinkedIn API docs.

If you’re using the auth0-spa-js, it would look similar, using the same parameter, but within the respective method you’re using there, such as loginWithRedirect.

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Hi Mathias, thanks a lot for your help

I followed your instructions, the new ULP show up OK, but when I try to connect, there is no message saying that the app will be able to post articles on my behalf :


That means the “w_member_social” scope has not been asked for

Anyway, again, thank you for your help!
I keep trying to find a solution on my own but I don’t see any helpful document