What is the equivilent of `connectionScope` in Auth0-SPA-JS?

Currently I have the following in my spa…

      domain: "...",
      client_id: "...",
      redirect_uri: window.location.origin,
      prompt: "consent",
      useRefreshTokens: true,

A coworker did the following for the native driver…

            .webAuth(session: .shared, bundle: Bundle.main)
            .parameters(["access_type":"offline", "approval_prompt":"force"])

The question is with regards to the connection scope. I don’t see an equivalent in the spa library. Would that just be using the client cred and user endpoint to get the Google Access token or what would I do for similar functionality?

Hey @jgleason!

I haven’t tested this myself, but you could try adding the connection_scope option to your configuration - See:

Keep us posted!

Sure it might take me a bit but I will try just adding it and seeing what happens. I didn’t just try it because I didn’t see it in the code.

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