New Sign-Up Customizations Now in Early Access

Tailor registration flows to maximize conversion while meeting business requirements.
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Hey @robertino.calcaterra , great to here this.I have been looking to customize the sign-up flow and been researching for quite a while but hasn’t been able to achieve the requirement. I have basic requirement of capturing additional data from user like First name (required), last name (required), mobile number (optional).

I have two methods enabled for users, 1. via google login and email id password. On either way I need to capture above details.

I came across this article but not able to replicate this, If you can guide me resolving this issue it would do tons of good to me.

Hi, @kashyap! We have a documentation here. Let me know if the docs are helpful to help you. If it’s not, let me know to find another way to help you!

Thanks @robertino.calcaterra for your prompt response, I will surely go through the doc and let you know if facing any problems. Appreciate the help :raised_hands: