New page templates and a0deploy

We are using a0deploy (or the node lib to be precise) to export from one environment and import into another.

We have also started playing with the new page template editing using storybook.

Are these compatible? i.e. if we create new branding in storybook and deploy to dev, will an export from dev and import into staging copy the page templates?

I would just try it, but I am now getting an error exporting from dev, but the error doesnt make any sense because it says the token is invalid as I dont have access to get the rules even though we have never created any rules.

Hi @ben.stjohnston,

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Yes, that should work just fine. The changes you made to your branding page templates in storybook should appear in the branding section of your YAML file or directory folder after exporting your tenant using the Auth0 Deploy CLI.

Additionally, if you’re getting errors with exporting related to Rules, you can exclude them from the export by passing in AUTH0_EXLUDED in your config.json file. See Configure the Deploy CLI.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Thanks Rueben,

Just one additional question…
Why is the branding_template path in the tenant.yaml file in windows path format when we export? ie .\branding_templates\universal_login.html

The actions are in unix path format e.g. ./actions/Confirm Email Is Verified/code.js

Thanks Ben

Hi @ben.stjohnston,

Thanks for your reply.

I do not see the difference you mention when testing on my machine. Instead, when I inspect the branding section in my tenant.yaml file, I see a normal file structure. For example: ./pages/password_reset.html.

Similar with the Actions section, I see the following file path structure:
./actions/Consolelog statement/code.js

I was not able to reproduce your observations.

In this scenario, are you able to try importing the tenant.yaml settings to see if the file path format prevents the request from proceeding?

It may also be worth re-exporting your configuration to see if it changes the output file path format.


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