.NET MAUI Hybrid

Hey @Ditchford,
I’m happy that my articles helped you build auth* for your Blazor apps.
MAUI Blazor is definitely a topic that I want to address, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to work on it before the end of this year. I hope to publish an article in January. I’ll announce here when it will be ready.


Hey @andrea.chiarelli

Thanks for your response. I look forward to the article…whenever you get time.

Thanks again.


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Hey @andrea.chiarelli . Just touching base about this (Auth0 with Blazor Maui hybrid). Just trying to plan my work. Is it still your intention to write something on this topic in January? Would be great to get an updated ETA on when you think you might have time to look at this. Thanks

Hey @Ditchford,
I have good and bad news :slightly_smiling_face:
The good news is that I’m finalizing the article and I hope it will be published next week.
The bad news is that the Blazor + MAUI combination still has several issues that do not make me consider it ready for production (at least regarding integration with OIDC).
I documented it in the article. Stay tuned!

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Hey @andrea.chiarelli. Thanks for the update. I look forward to reading.

Hi @andrea.chiarelli have you published the article yet?

Hi @diegosv19,
Thank you for your interest, and sorry for the delay. The article is currently under review and will be published as soon as I get the green light (hopefully in very few days).


Article still in review?

cc: @andrea.chiarelli

Hi @chrillec,
My article is still in review. Sorry for this long delay.
I hope it will be approved in a very few days.
I will post a message here as soon as it will be published


Hi, I am starting on the Auth0 process in my .net MAUI blazor app and that would be very useful to have such an article. Any update on when it will be published?

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Hey @wesley.baldwin, @chrillec, @diegosv19, @Ditchford, @LuckyWolf19, @AllDayCare, @qomben, @lars.wesselius,
My article about integrating Blazor MAUI with Auth0 is finally online:

Add Auth0 Authentication to Blazor Hybrid Apps in .NET MAUI

Sorry for the long delay and thanks for your patience :pray:
As mentioned in one of the comments above, please keep in mind that the Blazor MAUI framework is currently not that stable


Hey @andrea.chiarelli. Thanks so much for all your hard work on this. So, it looks like the only real option for Blazor Maui (Windows) right now is MSAL (see link below)?

The problem with Microsoft’s Azure / B2C / MSAL is that the config in Azure is confusing, the out of the box forms are ugly, and Microsoft’s doco is the usual car crash. Carl Franklin is the only person who can seem to make sense of all the bits. The video includes how to call a secure api.

I opted for Auth0 because it’s just better, but right now I need to support Blazor server, Wasm and Blazor Maui (windows).

I’m a bit jaded with the massive headache that is security. So many paper cuts with Blazor…I think I might jump into WordPress :-).

@andrea.chiarelli, I would be very interested on your view.

Thank you

Hey @Ditchford,
I agree with you that security is complex and causes a lot of headaches :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, my personal opinion in this case is that MAUI is not yet a mature framework. The idea is interesting and ambitious, but in my opinion it still needs time to stabilize.

I know that working with an evolving framework is stressful, but unfortunately that is the risk for early adopters. I say this from personal experience, even in content creation.

If it helps, this article will be modified several times as I can to reflect the (hopefully) most stable version of MAUI.

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Hey @andrea.chiarelli. Thanks for your thoughts. I had another look at the Msal approach and reached the same conclusion. I have decided to bail on Blazor Maui (for the time being) and stick with Auth0 for Server and Wasm. Currently I’m really hoping Microsoft don’t break auth if and when they release Blazor United with .Net 8.0.

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