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.NET Core API Reading Email Address



We have successfully implemented authorization with Auth0 in our application. Our application is an Angular UI with a .NET Core 2.0 API. We followed the Auth0 tutorials and the API is getting the token from the UI. In the API I would like to get the email address for the logged in user. It is apparent that I have not configured the client “SAML Protocol Settings” within Auth0 to pass the email address. I have copied what I have below. What changes do I need to make? Thank you for your assistance.

“audience”: “”,
“mappings”: {
“user_id”: “”,
“email”: “”,
“name”: “”,
“given_name”: “”,
“family_name”: “”,
“upn”: “”,
“groups”: “
“createUpnClaim”: true,
“passthroughClaimsWithNoMapping”: true,
“mapUnknownClaimsAsIs”: true,
“mapIdentities”: true,
“nameIdentifierFormat”: “urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent”,


I did another search within Auth0 support and found two related links: and

It appears I need to show more code to get my question answered. Within Angular I have the following
auth0 = new auth0.WebAuth({ clientID: AUTH_CONFIG.clientID, domain: AUTH_CONFIG.domain, responseType: 'token id_token', audience: '', redirectUri:${window.location.origin}, scope: 'openid email profile' });

Earlier I had scope as ‘openid’. I changed responseType to just ‘code’ and then tried ‘token id_token code’. Still no email appearing.