.NET 6 Highlights

What’s new in .NET 6? What are the main relevant features brought by the new version of the .NET platform? Let’s take a quick look.
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What are your thoughts guys? Did you try .Net 6? Share it in the comments your experiences!

Looking forward to learning about your experience with .NET 6

I am very confused by this article. It says it is for .net 6, right?

In .net 6 api there is no startup.cs anymore but only a program.cs where you can find a WebApplication builder. Also, there are no methods in in this code file… you can get at the services and apps using the builder.

Also, you just stopped but that which you provided is no where enough to get the app going.

So very confused.


Sorry @auth018, I’m confused too about your request.

there are no methods in in this code file

Which code file are you referring to? :thinking:

This blog post is about highlighting the main .NET 6 features. It is not a tutorial and it doesn’t have any sample code associated.

If you are referring to the aside section, this is just a high-level overview of how you can integrate Auth0 in your ASP.NET Web API application. That section is not meant to be a tutorial. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

In .net 6 api there is no startup.cs anymore but only a program.cs…

This statement is not entirely correct. You can still use Startup.cs and Program.cs files if you want (in complex applications probably you should). The minimal approach is one possible choice.

If you are looking at how to integrate Auth0 into your API with the minimal API approach, please, check out this article.
If you want to use the traditional approach, you can take a look at this article (it has been tested with .NET 5.0 but should work even with .NET 6.0)

I hope this helps to clarify.